Motorola Broken Care

Broken Care Service Centre is an Motorola Independent Repair Provider. We Using Genuine Parts Only. Visit us in store for same-day repairs or post to us from anywhere in Chennai. Fast services at affordable prices from Chennai’s longest established repair experts. We can fix almost any issue you are experiencing and our specialist Motorola technicians can provide you with the highest quality phone repairs.

Contact: +91 70929 11122.

Lenovo G6S Mobile Service

We have 5 years Experience for your Motorola G6S Mobile Repair Like Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Charging Port Replacement, Water Damage Service, Camera Replacement, Data Recovery, Software Update, Motherboard Issues Fixed etc.

Moto G6S Mobile Screen Replacement

Have you dropped or smashed your Motorola Moto G6S only to find out that the front glass has cracked or shattered or is the touch screen/digitiser not working right? Dont worry as we are here to help, we can replace your Motorola Moto G6S front glass and digitiser within one day and get your phone back working like new. Please call us to arrange an Motorola Moto G6S front screen replacement service in chennai.

Motorola Moto G6S Charging Port Replacement Chennai

When you plug in your Motorola Moto G6S to charge and nothing happens, its probably because your dock / charging port is malfunctioning. Send your Motorola Moto G6S to us and we will take care of this and replace the usb connecter and get your motorola mobile back to you working like new again.

Motorola Moto G6S Headphone Jack Replacement Chennai

Is there no audio / music coming from your headphones when connected to your Motorola Moto G6S or is it just a bad connection. Could mean your headphone jack is faulty or just a loose connection somewhere. Simply send your Motorola Moto G6S to us and we will get it back and working like new again.

Motorola Moto G6S Water Damage

Have you dropped your Motorola Moto G6S in water? or spilt liquid on your Motorola Moto G6S and now its not working ? If so we are here to help, we can repair most Motorola Moto G6S devices with liquid damage. This is a diagnostic service and we will give you a quote for the repair before taking out any work. All Motorola Moto G6S water damaged phones are inspected thoroughly by us and we give you a quote to fix your water damaged Motorola Moto G6S before any work is undertaken. Book now to get your Motorola Moto G6S with water damage repaired as you have nothing to lose

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